“We want you to get a better taste of Chile!”
We’re passionate about food and drinks that represent both the culture and traditions of this country

Our Philosophy

Food is a way of looking at the world: It’s a common denominator that we human beings all share and eating is our closest connection to the natural world.
Whether its going out for drinks, enjoying breakfast, searching for fresher or better ingredients: food is a way to experience the world around us and the people and cultures that call it home. Food is the binding between nature and culture.


Our Passion

Finding the right blend of tastes and settings that help maintain an appetite for exploring new flavors in a foreign country can be difficult.
We are passionate about helping you experience Chile’s flavors and having fun in the process.
The members of our team reflect this passion and bring it to work every single day.
Our Vision
To become the tastiest culinary tour operator in Chile and Latin America!!

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