Chile’s most complete wine and spirts competition has kicked off, with 110 vineyards participating in the annual competition and more than 500 samples for its 40 wine experts to ponder.

Catad’Or Wine Awards Santiago is in its 21st year, making it the competition to win here in Chile, but the vineyards also include participants from the neighbors like Uruguay and Argentina. Read below for the official press release, we’ll publish a summary of the winners, and how you can taste some of their products, when it is released.


4 – 11 July 2016

 Catad’Or Santiago de Chile Wine Awards is the most important international wine and spirits competition held in Chile, with a tradition that goes back more than 21 years. The contest promotes the excellence of Chilean wine around the world, through its label, that serves as a quality guide and highlights the excellence of our wine regions.  The contest brings together, history and tradition.

Every year, at Catad´Or Santiago de Chile Wine Awards, a panel of international jury carefully selected from export destination markets such as America, Europe and Asia, evaluates Chilean wines. The selected jury is comprised of renowned members noted for their skills, integrity and independence.  The members of the jury hold recognition in their home countries, generating publications, interviews and business contacts for Chilean vineyards.

France, Brazil, United States, Canada, China, Japan, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and Argentina, among others, form the wine tasting panel, together with local Viticulture experts and winemakers from the Universidad de Chile, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and the Chilean Enologist Association.

The blind tasting sessions take place in a designated room specifically prepared for blind tasting, while the samples are prepared in an adjacent room.  The contest complies with all applicable rules of OIV and VinoFed.

After sampling, the scores are issued by each panelist.  Depending on the average score of the wine and/or spirit, each is awarded either the “Silver Medal,” “the Gold Medal” or the “Great Gold Medal” and some special prix, such as: “The Best Carmenere,” “Best Sparkling,” “Best Winery”.

In addition to the above mentioned awards, Cristalerías Chile awards a special acknowledgement to the best overall wine of the contest.  It’s important to note that the competition is not solely focused on wines, as the Pisco Category was recently added to the competition.

Catad’Or Wine tasting sessions


In 2014 Catad´Or Santiago de Chile established an important alliance with the Ilustre Municipalidad de Santiago (Townhall of Santiago), bringing wine culture to Chile’s Capital, Santiago. Its rich history, as well as several heritage buildings and palaces have been linked to wine since colonial times, as well as during renovation of the sector in 19th century.

The Jury with Santiago Mayor

The Mayoress of Santiago welcomes the members of the Jury at the Launching Ceremony of the contest, along with the awarded wines of the previous year, while the Award Ceremony take place at the Municipal Theatre of Santiago.

Every year, members of the International Jury visit different Wine Valleys where they get the opportunity to experience Chilean landscapes, culture, as well as meet wine producers in their element, the Vineyards. This experience exclusively through the Catad´Or Wine Tour.

In an effort to promote the awarded wines in the national market, Catad’Or Santiago de Chile implements a series of activities throughout the year such as wine tastings for final clients and marketers in alliance with Hotel Cumbres Vitacura.

Cumbres Vitacura Hotel, Santiago

Catad’ Or Santiago de Chile organize promotional activities in different cities around the globe with the international members of the jury, who have since returned to their respective countries become our ambassadors. The inscription form will include requirements of targeted markets, with the sole aim of learning more about the markets were participating wines in the Catad´Or Wine Awards will be exported.


– Promoting knowledge of quality wines and spirits.
– Encouraging production and responsible consumption as a civilian factor.
– Introducing and showcasing to the public different types, characteristics and styles of wine and spirits and different wine production regions.
– Raising the technical and scientific level of producers.
– Contributing to the expansion of their culture.


  • Stimulating the production of exportable wines that aim for quality.
    • Generating marketing tools for the promotion of wine and spirits that have earned appreciation throughout the competition.
    • Achieving press coverage and impact before, during and after the contest.
    • Reinforcing the positioning of the awarded wines nationally and internationally through tasting activities with the awarded wines.
    • Incorporating wine and its culture to the capital of Chile, Santiago, by linking it to several heritage buildings and palaces of the colonial times, which were related to the wine sector since the 19th century.
    • Providing the wine producers with valuable and systematized information obtained in the tasting sessions.
    • Carrying out the Catad’Or Tour, allowing the international jury to experience Chilean people, landscapes, wine culture, and allowing for direct contact with producers.
    • Creating events in Santiago and wine regions for the international jury with press, national businesses related to the wine sector, and producers of wine and spirit, such as seminars, conference meetings, and tasting of special products, among others.
    • Promoting the awarded wines by Catad’Or in the national market through tastings for final clients and marketers in alliance with Hotel Cumbres Vitacura, in order to highlight the excellence of national wines, promoting a healthy competition among producers.
    • Promoting awarded wines in markets worldwide.
    • Attracting foreign experts with the aim of broadcasting in international markets and providing media information related to the progress of Chilean viticulture.
    • Establishing long term collaborations among Chilean wine associations to create future benefits to the wine sector.
Catad’Or Wine Awards 2016 have arrived
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