Chile's original wine..cepa pais or uva pais

This photo is from a dinner at Flor de Calabaza, in downtown Concepcion, a local drink and casual dining spot with a mix of local seafood and ingredients from the area, with a touch of Easter Island (the chef had lived there for some time). We got things going with a bottle of this Rivera de Notro from Roberto Henriquez. This is actually an elegant version of the Cepa or Uva Pais, also known as the Mission grape. It’s generally a rougher wine, originating in Spain and brought by the missionaries to Latin America.

I got the opportunity to travel south to Concepcion and then the surrounding country side in the BioBio Region. Will share some of the highlights over the next couple of weeks. It was a trip organized by the University of Concepcion to experience a culinary route (Nahuelbuta Nodo de Turismo Culinario) that they have been developing, in part with Chile’s investment promotion agency Corfo, and local entrepreneurs, farmers, producers, chefs, Slow Food Chile and local community leaders.


Cepa Pais from the Itata Valley
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