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Last Friday I headed up to the Sky Costanera, the observation floors open to the public on floors 61 & 62 of Santiago’s looming Costanera Center skyscraper. It was not the best view, a bit hazy and impossible to appreciate the spectacular view one can have from this privledged location on a clear today. I’ve been up there about three times now, but this one was not with a tour group, it was to celebrate the launch of the Chilean tourism “sub-secretary” website: Chile.Travel.

The website’s purpose is promotional, to entice potential visitors, travel agents, tour operators and the travel press into putting Chile on their to do list. It also marked another step in the process of shifting the control of the government’s budget to promote Chile, to public entities, away from the public/private travel board, Turismo Chile.

It can get a big confusing when trying to navigate all of the travel and promotional agencies, public or private, that represent Chile in one way or another. Sernatur is the national tourism service, so directly related to tourism, then there is the sub-secretary of tourism, and Sernatur is part of that. Then there is “Chile es Tuya”, a webpage and campaign to encourge Chileans to travel within Chile, thus forgoing that third trip to Orlando when they have never been to some of the amazing, remote corners of their natie coutnry.

Then there is the Foundation Imagen Chile (not to be confused with the consultancy Imagen Chile), which also combines public and private entities to promote Chile, but more as a destination for investment than directly travel. They also have a promotional webpage called This is Chile, another effort to promote the country. Don’t forget that many of the industrial sectors have their own promotional brands through ProChile, like Wines of Chile, which is also an industry association representing many of the coutnry’s larger vineyards.

It gets a bit confusing, and as I have seen first hand, despite having many synergies and opportunities between each one of these entities that together would amount to a more concertated and effective promotion, all the divisions seem to impede this effort to some degree.

Going backto the webpage: it looks rather similar in the content to the last. It of course looks nice and could keep a visitor busy, is in multiple languages and has lots of greate visual content. We will just leave you with this link, which is to the English, Food & Wine section of the website, enjoy!

Chile has a new .Travel webpage
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