Maipo Valley
View from Viña Aquitania’s winery

One of Chile’s most prominent valleys, the Maipo valley, produces the big reds which Chile become known for early on in its commercial wine journey. Its home to some of the biggest players, Santa Rita and Concha y Toro, and spans from the flatter, hotter low Maipo up to the base of the Andes Mountains. For visitors it’s one of the most accessible Chilean wine regions to make a visit.

Maipo Valley is one of Chile’s most interesting valleys as Santiago sits right on the northern bank of the rocky Maipo River, so some of the Maipo vineyards have found themselves in the urban shell of the now modern capital. Not that long ago though, these vineyards were still well out of the urban sprawl.

The hub of the Maipo Valley could be described as Pirque, a municipality which sits just opposite Santiago’s southern neighborhoods (Puente Alto and La Florida). Here Concha y Toro has its headquarters, where it runs a mass visiting operation. If you continue south some of the more visitor friendly options include the historic grounds of Santa Rita, another one of Chile’s largest winemakers.

The valley might be dominated by some of the largest players, but there are a number of midsized operations that have less crowds, better wine and more personalized tours. Perez Cruz, De Martino, Haras de Pirque or Aquitania are just a few of the names and options that are out there. The latter, along with the larger Cousiño Macul, actually lies within the urban shell of Chile’s capital.

Chances are, if you’ve had a red from Chile from a retail supermarket somewhere else in the world, there was a good chance the grapes came from Maipo. A day trip to the Maipo Valley is a must for any wine loving visitor, a single vineyard visit could be arranged in just a couple hours, depending on the day. Contact us or more information.

Chile Wine Regions: Maipo Valley
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