Chile’s Circle of Food Critics (Cronistas) held their annual competition to measure the best empanada in Santiago in 2017. Taking into account the dough, the tasty pino mixture inside and the overall experience of eating just one, they awarded a bakery in Santiago’s Arrayan neighborhood the top honor.

The Cronistas are made up of the most influential food writers in Chile and they hold two annual awards: one for the best empanada in Santiago, and another multiple categories involving food, wine restaurants and more.

The empanada award comes out a strategic time. Just head of the September 18th “dieziocho” Independence Day celebration. With the 19th also a holiday, it is a prolonged festival of all things Chilean, which involves eating and drinking for days on end. Empanadas are in high demand, the big, succulent and overflowing oven baked, meat and onion pino empanadas.

Best Empanada in Santiago
Nothing like being the best. Photo: Cronistas

So the ranking will set up the winner nicely. If you go, expect a line or maybe they just plain ran out. Afterall, they are serving up the best empanada in Santiago.

The top three for 2017 were:

Rosalia- N° 1: A small family owned bakery in La Barneachea, specifically in the area of Arrayan, nestled right against the feet of the mountains. Rosalia does not seem to have a webpage, but it has a Foursquare entry and is on Pastor Fernandez 15521.

La Nonna- N°2: Another classic, family owned place (with no website, but it does have a Google entry). Empanadas are just one of the many doughy goods that they churn out, but savory and sweet. We’ve had their homemade pastas before, so its no surprise to see it on the list for empanadas. Located in La Reina, a mostly residential neighborhood also perched at the base of the San Ramon mountain range.

Empanada Mia- N°3: With a name like “My Empanada” you know they are serious. And they have a website! Empanada Mia is exclusively focused on the empanada, something they have been doing for 20 years. They have 13 different varieties and distribute them as well. Find them in Recoleta, a much different neighborhood than the other upper middle class barrios. On Av. Peru 1415.

Don’t forget to check out the winners of the Cronistas “best of 2016” awards.

The Best Empanada in Santiago in 2017 is….

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